By the end of our initial appointment, I will walk you through every step on how to wash, dry, brush, to ensure you get the most longevity out of your hair.

How do I care for my extensions?

I only offer ethically sourced, luxury hair. Treat it like you would your own hair! Wash, brush, blowdry, heat style.

What kind of hair do you use?

Yes! We only use high quality luxury hair extensions. Treat them as you would your own hair. Wash, dry, and style like normal!

Are the extensions real human hair?

With proper at home care, 8-12 months.

How long do the hair extensions last?

Make sure your products are free of suphates, parabens, or anything with protein (repair) in them as they will break down your extensions overtime! (I have some great recommendations ;))

What are the best products to use on my hair?

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